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2019 and prior

Notes: Sustainable Transitions Lab members are bolded.

E. Mayfield. 2022. "Phasing out coal power plants based on cumulative air pollution impact and equity objectives in net zero energy system transitions." Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability, 2 (21004). (Manuscript)

J. Jenkins, E. Mayfield, et al.  2022.  "The Climate Impact of Congressional Infrastructure and Budget Bills."  (Manuscript) (Project Website) (Media Coverage)

E. Mayfield, J. Jenkins, E. Larson, and C. Grieg. “Labor pathways to achieve net zero emissions in the United States by mid-century.”  Revise & Resubmit. (Preprint)

J. Jenkins, E. Mayfield, E. Larson, S. Pacala, & C. Greig. 2021. "Mission net-zero America: The nation-building path to a prosperous, net-zero emissions economy." Joule, 5 (11). (Manuscript)

E. Mayfield & J. Jenkins. 2021. "Influence of high road labor policies and practices on renewable energy costs, decarbonization pathways, and labor outcomes." Environmental Research Letters, 16 (124012). (Manuscript)

E. Larson, C. Greig, J. Jenkins, E. Mayfield, A. Pascale, C. Zhang, S. Pacala, R. Socolow, R. Williams, J. Drossman, E. Baik, R. Birdsey, R. Duke, R. Jones, B. Haley, E. Leslie, K. Paustian, & A. Swan. 2020. "Net-Zero America: Potential Pathways, Infrastructure, and Impacts." Princeton University. (Project Website) (Media Coverage)

E. Mayfield, A. Robinson, J. Cohon, N. Muller, & I. Azevedo. 2019. "Cumulative environmental and employment impacts of the shale gas boom." Nature Sustainability. (
Manuscript) (Media coverage: Pittsburgh Post-GazetteNPR) (Opinion pieces: Bloomberg Environment, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


E. Mayfield, A. Robinson, J. Cohon, N. Muller, & I. Azevedo. 2019. "Quantifying the social equity state of an energy system." Environmental Research Letters. (Manuscript)​

E. Mayfield
, A. Robinson, & J. Cohon. 2017. "System-wide and superemitter policy options for the abatement of methane emissions from the US natural gas system." Environmental Science & Technology. (Manuscript)​ (Awards/Recognition: Qualifier Award, American Chemical Society Editor's Choice Award, Scott Institute Energy Week Award, Ben Franklin Technology Partners Award)

E. Mayfield & C. Norman. 2012. "Moving away from methyl bromide: Political economy of pesticide transition for California strawberries since 2004." Journal of Environmental Management. (
Manuscript)​ (Policy impact: Congressional Testimony, UNEP)

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